About Nextron

Nextron is a leading provider of scalable solutions in the Nordic region, specializing in areas such as IoT, edge computing, rack servers, and supercomputers designed for artificial intelligence. Established in 2000, with offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, we offer personalized support and reliable service to meet your unique business needs. We deliver quality products. Our servers come with industry-leading terms, including a 5-year warranty and free lifetime support. This ensures that you receive high quality and reliability. With over 4500 server deliveries annually, we provide access to the latest technology at competitive prices.

Through our partnerships with industry leaders such as Supermicro, AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, we are able to offer tailored solutions that meet your organization's changing needs. Whether you need small office servers or advanced supercomputers for AI development, we are experts in creating scalable IT solutions. This ensures optimal performance throughout the lifespan of our products.

We strive to deliver the best customer service. We are passionate about technology. Whether you need advice before or after delivery, we are always here to help.


Our majority owner, Axxelerator, is a Norwegian limited company that invests in robust medium-sized businesses. Axxelerator was established in spring 2021 by a team with extensive experience in building independent companies. The company is focused on continuous improvement and long-term value development. Learn more about Axxelerator


Our servers come with the market's best terms by standard - a 5-year warranty and free support throughout the lifetime of the equipment. With over 2,000 annual server deliveries, we quickly gain access to the latest technology at competitive prices. Nextron is a priority partner with leading hardware manufacturers such as Supermicro, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and Samsung.


Nextron offers a wide range of servers and IT equipment tailored to individual needs. Our solutions are used for everything from small office and rack servers to supercomputers for the development of artificial intelligence. As a customer, you are free to upgrade the systems along the way, thus ensuring the best possible performance throughout the life of the solution.


Our competent sales consultants and technicians assist with advice both before and after delivery. We want to be best at customer service, provide quick answers and good solutions. We are genuinely interested in technology, curious about new solutions and enjoy technical challenges.